26.01.07 Hello latil "lovers" and other visitors! Big update! website`s layout is now modern and stylish. There are still little problems...but we are all the time making corrections.

Bookmark this site because we are going to update history, new photos and videos are coming also soon!!!
We are going to translate this website to French also! Write our guestbook and tell us what you want! :)

07.12.06 Added 12 pictures to Pictures-page.
Next update coming on january.
Try take somekind winter videos if we have snow..
Tell your friends about this site and we can get
and more visitors and Latil-friends on next year.
Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2007! - team

07.12.06 Added News-page, which contains introduction of book: Finnish army motor vehicles 1919-1958.
Maybe you identify that vehicle on cover ;)

05.12.06 Added voting system. Guestbook removed to the guestbook page. :)

11.11.06 Added rare wartime picture of M2TL6 to history-section!.

09.10.06 Added 15 pictures to old photos-section!.

27.09.06 Added small video in video-section!

03.09.06 Added video with sounds in video-section!

22.06.06 Updated pictures to Latil 1